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When the pull of the ocean is at its lowest point, it is called low tide.  Our swimwear embodies the low tide philosophy: style that is designed at the lowest point to reveal the masculinity of the male form.
LOWTIDE is a lifestyle swimwear brand exclusively for men. Our creative vision stems from the many countries we have visited around the world, in search of an endless summer. Beautiful tropical landscapes, beaches, architecture and sunsets are the inspiration behind our designs.  We understand the importance of quality and carefully select fabrics that will hold their shape and colour for longer.  

LOWTIDE is all about summer and the lifestyle set around the ocean and pool. That is why we want your help to showcase our designs throughout the world. Please share your photos with us on instagram @lowtide.swimwear and #lowtideswimwear, #teamlowtide or send them directly to sales@lowtideswimwear.com.au.


LOWTIDE - Tides change daily. So should your swimwear.
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