For our 2017 research we decided to chase the European sun.  As our aesthetic is the lifestyle surrounding the water, we wanted to shoot our swimwear styles around the ocean to encapsulate these exotic locations, which were originally our inspirations.  

Our first stop was MYKONOS in Greece. Even though this is known as the party island, there really are some beautiful spots to visit and gain inspiration. We love this place, from the beautiful beaches and landscapes through to the amazing architecture and food.

As there is so much to do in Mykonos, we decided to go sailing on a yacht and cruise around the islands. On this trip we discover an island called Rhenia, a beautiful secluded paradise. Unknown to me, this island actually has a lot history. Ruins of ancient temples surround the island. As we anchor in the small bay, we lay on the deserted sand and snorkel in the crystal waters. This place is heaven.

Our next stop was SANTORINI. Who could not love the charm and character of this city? Walking down the cobble stone streets revealing the white architecture that stands out from the crystal blue sky. It is hard to believe how these buildings were built on such steep cliff faces. This island is definitely more about relaxation, either at the pool or the black sandy beaches.

As I say farewell to Greece, I look forward to the next adventure in Italy. As I step off the ferry in Positano, I notice this small picturesque town has splendid coastal views. The town itself is perched on an enclave on the face of a hill and winds down towards the waters of the Amalfi Coast.  There is something so romantic and beautiful about this place. As I lay on my deck chair on the pebble beachfront, I couldn’t feel more relaxed.

Our final stop was CAPRI. This is the land of the rich and the famous, best known for the amazing food and the rocky beaches. The landscape of this location is extraordinary; the cliffs are built up from many layers, which reveal the age of this beautiful island. The beaches are curved into the rock cliffs and the crystal-clear ocean glistens in the sun.