On a recent trip to Bali we wanted to see more than the streets and beaches of Seminyak. Our first adventure leads us to Karma Beach. As soon as I saw the emerald green ocean through the lush tropical leaves I instantly felt connected and relaxed. As we were riding the cable car to the beach I felt inspired. I wanted to design a range that would be reflected in this environment. Clothes that make you feel confident from the beach to the bar. After looking around I noticed what shapes were missing and used this as my inspiration.

For the print direction we wanted to do something a little different. On a trip to Ubud I got inspired driving past the rice fields. Watching a white heron bird fly into the tropical rainforest, I thought this was a magical image that would unite my theme. The colours were so vibrant from the native flowers, popping through the lush greenery.

There was something so relaxing about this place, it felt so tranquil and the perfect inspiration for my next range. Until next time.